Premarital Counseling With an Ordained Minister

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Establish the foundation for a healthy and lasting relationship with an ordained minister at Beautifully Broken Counseling in Manchester & Murfreesboro, TN. Our ordained minister offers marriage counseling and premarital counseling services to those from Shelbyville, Tullahoma, and all of the surrounding areas. She works with couples who are living together and want to move forward with their relationship but can't afford a full-scale wedding. Our ordained minister can officiate your wedding from the comfort of her office.

If you're ready to get married, you'll participate in six premarital counseling sessions so that your marriage counselor can get to know both of you and your relationship. Call Beautifully Broken Counseling today to schedule premarital or marriage counseling with an ordained minister.

Wedding and Funeral Services

Not associated with a local pastor? Beautifully Broken Counseling is here to help

We are now able to offer officiating services for weddings and funerals for those who are not associated with a local pastor. You will receive expert and professional experience from our staff pastor Dr. Todd Kirkland, Ph.D. He has a full pastoral license and ordained for either service.

His wife Dr. Cathy Kirkland, Ph.D. is also able to handle grief counseling or premarital counseling if you should have a need along your journey. We will take good care of your heart. We invite you to call for a free phone conversation to see how we can help. 615 332 4389.

Private Wedding Service

Move Forward After Adultery Affects Your Marriage

Have you or your partner been unfaithful? If you want to repair your relationship, an ordained minister can help. When you want a fresh start, we'll discuss your issues in order to put the past behind you. A new, private wedding can take place in the office. Your marriage counselor will even bring in a small cake and flowers to celebrate your new beginning.

Call Beautifully Broken Counseling in Manchester and Murfreesboro, TN to schedule marriage counseling, and look forward to your renewed relationship.