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Beautifully Broken Counseling

"Bringing Beauty to the Broken Hearted."

Dr. Todd Kirkland, Ph.D. and Dr. Cathy Kirkland, Ph.D. each have over 25 years of experience in helping people grow and make positive changes. They specialize in Individual care, Marriage and Pre-Marriage care and Group care. They are also available to help in family and business conflict resolution.

How we are different

  • We care! To us you will never be just a number. You will be encouraged via txt or emails.
  • We love breaking through life long family lines of dysfunction. We know what it takes to break free and stay free.
  • Because of our 50+ combined years of experience, there is not much that we have not dealt with in some way. This give us a broad scope of expertise to better serve you.
  • Temperament assessment and interpretation. This will help you learn about you and work within your unique needs profile. Everyone is different and processes pain differently.
  • Beautifully Broken Counseling is an un-apologetic Christian Biblical counseling practice. We see people of ALL faiths and everyone is encouraged, but we will always counsel based on Biblical principles. There will always be grace and freedom in every session.

Your part
Successful counseling starts with the counselor being committed, trained and skilled, but remember that this is YOUR life and not the responsibility of anyone but you. Without your own diligent work, NOTHING will change for you. You need to be ready to show up and get to work. We will guide you through the process every step of the way. We do never work toward a temporary solution, we work for a life long solution. We want you to walk away free and with no labels. Joy can come again; and our clients have provided testimonies on our web site to this possibility. It is possible for you as well!

As specialists in our field and with Ph.D. level training, the general market cost for counseling, in our area, is from $75.00 to $240.00 dollars per hour. We want to help everyone that we can possibly help. Therefore, we have decided to charge on the low end of the scale at a suggested standard fee of $110.00 PER hour. (Temperament assessment is a onetime $40.00 per person charge.) This hour can be used how you see fit. If you want to bring other family members or friends with you for an important conversation, you may do so without even alerting us. We can see one or ten in the same hour. We are here to help you and your entire circle.
We accept Cash or Check, CC, HSA, Flex Spending Cards, Debit,. We DO NOT BILL INSURANCE DIRECTLY as we believe they are overly intrusive in your care. Often payments are delayed or shorted and this causes your care to be interrupted. To keep everything clean, we ask that the fee is paid at end of each session. If you need other arrangements, we are happy to talk with you about a compromise.

Taking the first step toward freedom
We can usually find a place that works for you and us.
You can text 615-332-4389 or call to see about available times.
You can speak with us directly as we have decided to not hire an outside firm that does not take the time to know you personally.
All that is keeping you from getting free is a simple phone call!
We hope to hear from you soon and we are excited to be walking along side you in this journey.

We have 4 venues to answer the questions that you need. If you have questions you want answered in any of these topics, please post them through our submission forms and we will begin our videos. Can't wait to see your questions or suggestions.

Below are the 4 venues that we can help you with:


  1. Dr. Cathy Kirkland (Advice for Life)
  2. Dr. Todd Kirkland (All things Bible)
  3. HAPPY HOME (Building strong families)
  4. Hannah's Kids Korner (All things Kids)

Pick A Venue