Stolen heART

There once was an amazing artist. He created treasures that were cut strait from his own heart. So, he called them heART. He loved every single one for their own unique beauty. He was an artist like non-other.

There once was also an art thief. He hated every single piece of art the creative artist had created. One day, the art thief broke into the gallery and stole the artist's beautiful creations. He did not cherish them for their beauty, but rather he hated them and was determined to burn every one of them. But he wanted to first enjoy defacing them before he burned them. His hate caused him excitement at the image of a fire that would burn forever. He told himself, that he would steal any new art pieces the creative artist would create in the future. He would burn them in that fire too. It felt so wonderful to be fulfilling his heart wish. He hated the creative artist and anything his hands touched. It was personal for him.

One day, the creative artist had sought to rescue his creations. He found the thief and said, give me my heART. The thief said, "No, they are mine now. I tricked you and you no longer hold the ownership papers. I can do with them what I want. "The artist wept at the thought of his loss. He knew the thief really hated him even more than his creation so he said, "What do you need to sell them back?” The thief thought and thought. He realized the real hate was for the artist. He said, "If you will give me your life in exchange, I will let them go as you requests." The love for his creations was more important than even the creator’s life. So, he agreed.
The creative artist allowed the thief to torture, shame and kill him so his beloved art could be spared. All was lost. He was gone. No more loving hands and heart to create and love his heART.

But the artist had a Father who was watching and the Father was a great and mighty Doctor. He had even brought people back from the dead. He was even more amazing than the creative artist. After the death, the Father brought the son back to life and brought him back to his gallery with all his beloved and newly freed masterpieces. The Father had a great and mighty judge. The judge had always been wise in his justice. He took the thief to court and sentenced him to the same fire that he had created for the masterpieces. The creative artist declared in a powerful voice that shook the court room, "It is finished!” Then the artist, the judge and the Father had a gallery party and fell in love with the creations all over again and again for all eternity.

Do you know the players?
Creative artist: Jesus
Thief: Satan
Dr. Father: God
Judge: Holy Spirit
So remember you are loved and cherished and wanted and NO ONE can trick you from the Master Artist. You Are His!! You are his redeemed heART.